About Us

Made in Austin

Shamarwyn Natural Beauty Products help modern, mindful men and women who want to make smarter decisions about what they put on their bodies by using botanical and exotic ingredients gathered from around the world and utilizing the healing and aromatic benefits of pure essential oils.

 Only the richest most nutritious, natural and organic ingredients go into the hair and skin products of Shamarwyn. Each product is carefully formulated from select plant-based ingredients. The many aromas of Shamarwyn products are to integrate the holistic powers of essential oils for the body, mind and spirit. Each aroma will evoke a sense of well being and a joy of life in harmony with nature. Formulated by a career cosmetologist, all products have been independent lab, salon and spa tested. The shampoos, conditioners and body products bathe you in nourishing compounds and give your hair and skin the radiance of a goddess.

We have taken care to include organic and ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible. We produce our products in small batches and your products are individually made to order. While we do our best to maintain a consistent product, there may be minor variations in texture and colour.


Fragrance is the sharpest trigger of the memory, a transport into forgotten worlds.”

~Anne Rice~