9 Ways to Use Hair Oils

 9 Ways to Use Hair Oils  

 1. As a scalp treatment: 

              Botanical Hydrating Hair Serum with Pure Essential Oils

              Botanical Hydrating Hair Serum with Pure Essential Oils

-Plant oils will help eliminate dry, itchy scalp and help promote hair growth while adding shine to your hair. A few drops massaged into the scalp daily is recommended.


2.    Hair Shine:

-Massage a few drops into scalp and brush through for an all over shine or use in specific areas for definition.


 3.    Men's Grooming:

-A few drops applied to hair and scalp for shine and control. For the beard, just a few drops for excellent grooming and softening.


 4. Use in the Shower: 

 -Before you shampoo, apply a dollop of oil to the ends of wet hair. This will minimize the appearance of split ends and make dry ends feel softer. After a minute or two, the oil will soak into your hair, and since you’re following with shampoo, your hair won’t be left with a greasy film.


5.    Skip The Flat Iron:

 - If you don’t have time to straighten, apply a small amount of oil before or after blow-drying to smooth out any frizz.


6.    Forget Fly-aways:

 -Water can only do so much. To keep fly-aways down, apply just a drop of oil to your index finger and lightly coat the wild strand.


7.    Overnight Conditioning:

 - For manageable hair in the morning without using heat tools, use oil as an overnight treatment. Apply a dime-sized amount of product a few inches below the roots and work down to the ends. Twist hair into a bun and wake up to moisturized, loose waves in the morning!


8.    Deep Conditioning:

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-Using about a quarter size of oil, depending on length and thickness of hair, massage into scalp and comb through hair. Wrap in hot towel or plastic cap for about an hour or more. You can also leave on overnight for scalp benefits and optimal results. Shampoo once or twice depending on hair density.


9.    Itchy Scalp:

-Massage a few drops into scalp to alleviate dry and itchy scalp. Plant oils and will work wonders on scalp conditions.




 Skip harsh chemicals in favor of natural treatments that include essential oils, which can be used to infuse your hair and scalp with healthy nutrients while minimizing damage or irritation. In addition to improving the condition of your hair, these naturally derived oils add freshness to your hair and balance the sebum levels of your scalp. Choose oils that appeal to your sense of smell and meet your hair’s needs.






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