The Buzz About Face Oils – 4 Excellent Reasons You’ll Want to Use Them

             Neroli Blossom

             Neroli Blossom

Face Oils have finally started to get the recognition they deserve. From Argan and Apricot Kernel to Rose, Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose and many others, natural plant oils are packed to the brim with skincare benefits, for every skin type and condition. Neroli Oil in particular, is popular for its ability to anti-age, hydrate and even heal damaged skin, as well as having antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it the ideal beauty oil for acne-prone and oily skin.

The thought of adding oil to your face may make you cringe - many of us have spent our lives avoiding it at all costs (hello, oil-free EVERYTHING). But in fact, using the right oils has been proven to actually treat common skin woes from dry skin and fine lines to acne and all your worries in between. Here a few reasons we are obsessed:


1.    Oils are naturally plumping and moisturizing, without the addition of water or other fillers. Many cosmetics have added waxes, petrolatum and silicone to help seal in moisture and add a silky texture. At best, these don’t provide long term solutions. At worst, they are known endocrine disruptors and environmental toxins. Packed with essential fatty acids, face oils melt wonderfully into the skin, instantly smoothing fine lines and flakiness while supporting and repairing the lipid barrier, so skin stays moisturized, naturally.



2.    Oils are nutritional powerhouses. Pure oils are rich not only in essential fatty acids, but each oil contains a unique profile of vitamins and potent antioxidants. From brightening to reducing scar tissue, minimizing wrinkles to building healthy cells, oils nourish skin from the inside while protecting from environmental aggressors and outside irritants and bacteria. 


3.    Face oils make other products more effective. Many skin products and treatments sit on the epidermis, the outer surface of the skin, not able to penetrate the fatty, waterproof lipid barrier. Because oils are lipophilic, meaning they combine with other oils, they act as a carrier that allows additional ingredients and treatments to pass through to the deeper layers of skin, where they can really work their magic, while protecting skin from irritation. Who wouldn’t want these increased benefits with decreased side effects?





4.  There is something for everyone. Dry and aging skin? Rosehip Seed Oil, a natural source of tretinoin, a form of vitamin A, is known as nature’s Retin-A and Rose  Oils are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic making it an excellent oil for sensitive skin. Oily or acne-prone? Rosehip Seed Oil can regulate sebum production while fighting inflammation and irritation. It helps protect against scarring and hyperpigmentation due to its high Vitamin C and A content.  And that’s just the beginning. By combining base oils and high-quality essential oils and other botanicals, you reap the synergistic effect of a blend that is just right for your skin type and needs. 








Shamarwyn: Natural Beauty & Alchemy has created two exquisitely blended Facial Oils with outstanding properties and benefits:


Moroccan Rose Face Serum  (buy now  )

Moroccan Rose Face Serum (buy now)












Botanical Hydrating Moroccan Rose Face Serum is ideal as a night treatment or any other time your skin feels dry, compromised and stressed. Cold-Pressed Plant oils provide an abundance of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C), Minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, leaving your skin smooth and Nourished. Enriched with Vitamin E for skin rejuvenation.








             Neroli Facial Oil  (buy now)

             Neroli Facial Oil (buy now)





Neroli Facial Oil, An All Natural, Exquisite Blend hydrates, tones, firms & helps to heal damaged skin. anti-aging & anti-bacteria pure neroli essential oil provides flawless, glowing skin. cold-pressed plant oils provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.