How to Have the Shiniest, Healthiest Hair Ever! 6 Reasons Why Essential Oils Work in Your Conditioner.!

Create Shiny, Healthy, Beautiful Hair with These Precious Gifts from Nature!



Having been a hairstylist/ cosmetologist for many years, in the salon I would always get the question, “Is the hair alive?”



This question never failed to surprise me. My answer was always, “Hell yes!”


Science, of course, rejects this notion. Hair is made of keratinized protein. It does not have blood vessels, nerves, muscles or any other physical attributes that feel pain. Therefore, obviously, the hair is dead.


How many of you also disagree? When you feel bad or are sick, your hair has an annoying tendency to represent this. Hair is extremely sensitive to medications you take. It responds differently from climate change to climate change. Your hair is quite picky about what products you apply to it. Quite often we are convinced that our hair is not only alive, but has a life of its own!


What a remarkable fabric the hair is then! It can stretch up to 30% its length, absorb its weight in moisture and can swell up to 20% of its diameter. It can make or break your day!


It only makes sense then to apply the same wisdom when choosing a hair conditioner that you use when choosing what kind of nutrients you put inside your body.


 Consider a conditioner for your hair that is not only plant ingredients but also incorporates the holistic benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are powerful plant extracts with powerful properties. You can transform dull limp locks into shiny, healthy hair with the use of these precious gifts from nature.



1.   These plant extracts have a fantastic effect on the scalp and hair follicles, helping your hair to grow longer and stronger.


2.   They penetrate deeply into your hair follicles and hair shaft rebuilding, protecting and moisturizing.


3.   They reduce the oily effect or drying effect you can get with products that strip the hair of oils with harsh ingredients. The hair becomes shiny and full.


4.   Essential oils don’t weigh the hair down with greasy, heavy ingredients that over condition the hair making it appear dirty.


5.   You can maintain the wonderful appearance of clean, healthy, conditioned hair with the use of essential oils.


6.   Your hair is left with a fresh, natural fragrance.


Lavender Hair Conditioner

Lavender Hair Conditioner

Shamawaryn’s Hair Conditioners are made from select plant ingredients and combine vegetable glycerin, olive oil and rice protein making it good for all hair types, safe for color treated hair and is salon tested. They are made with a blend of pure essential oils which restores smooth, shiny, healthy hair in a three-minute treatment! 

Let’s talk a little more about the best essential oils for your hair conditioners:

Lemongrass and Sage Conditioner

Lemongrass and Sage Conditioner

Lavender is calming, healing and soothing. Perfect for all hair types, it is particularly moisturizing and gives you shiny hair full of volume. Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for fine hair!




Mandarin Orange Hair Conditioner

Mandarin Orange Hair Conditioner

Rosemary works as a powerful antioxidant for the hair to help protect against free radical damage. It combats dryness leaving the hair soft and shiny. Rosemary works wonders on dandruff and itchy scalp!


Lemongrass and Sage with their euphoric fragrances, also have multiple benefits for the hair. Lemongrass has amazing antioxidants that have healing properties for damaged hair. Sage is moisturizing, restoring shine to the hair shaft.

Mandarin Orange Essential Oil contains healing vitamin c which leaves the hair soft, fresh and shiny. Perfect for those who have oily scalps, like a light conditioner to seal the hair cuticle and love an exotic, warm fragrance.


Frankincense is a wonderful, exotic essential oil that can be used to add additional shine to your hair!

Once again, I have to say, there are many essential oils and essential oil combinations that have benefits for the condition of the hair. These are just a few of the best and safest.


Our philosophy at Shamarwyn is to skip harsh chemicals in favor of natural treatments that include essential oils, which can be used to infuse your hair and scalp with health while minimizing damage or irritation. In addition to improving the condition of your hair, these naturally derived oils add freshness to your hair and balance the sebum levels of your scalp. Choose oils that appeal to your sense of smell and meet your hair’s needs. You can contact us with any questions.

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