Facial Exfoliation: 9 Facts & Ideas You'll Want to Know


Facial Exfoliation: 9 Facts & Ideas You’ll Want to Know


Exfoliating can help to make your skin glow and become more radiant! Throughout the year, our skin goes through changes and is forced to adapt to the revolving seasons. To keep your skin smooth and bright all year round, exfoliating is the key to success.


A face scrub is essential for three reasons. Firstly, it deeply cleanses the skin, dislodging buildup of sebum in the pores which helps to break up whiteheads. It also smooths and refines the skin’s texture, giving it the appearance of soft, youthful skin. and lastly, it enhances blood flow to the face, giving it a soft, radiant glow.

1.    Your skin exfoliates naturally: When you’re younger, your skin will naturally renew itself about every 25 days. When you reach the age of 30, the process begins to slow down which can result in more pigmentation as well as a duller complexion.


2.    There are many types of exfoliants: Exfoliants come in many different forms. Whether you choose a manual, chemical or mechanical exfoliant, all will help to unveil younger, more radiant skin. Manual and chemical exfoliants should only be used once or twice a week until you see how your skin reacts. Once you are used to the exfoliation process, you can exfoliate a few more times a week depending on the product you choose.


3.    The benefits are endless: With regular exfoliation comes great skin. Not only does it remove dead skin, it also reduces skin discoloration and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.


Shamarwyn's Facial Exfoliant Ingredients

Shamarwyn's Facial Exfoliant Ingredients

4.    Choose carefully: Some exfoliants have granules with rough edges which can damage the skin. To prevent any harm, make sure to choose a gentle exfoliant.


5.    Try a chemical peel: Using a product with glycolic acid is a great way to remove any damaged layers of skin. I recommend you have this done by a professional.


6.    Mechanical exfoliation: refers to devices such as electronic facial brushes or pads/puffs with a rough surface. These types of exfoliation can be great but should be used with care until you are aware of the way in which your skin responds.


Rose Facial Exfoliant

Rose Facial Exfoliant

7.    Wait when waxing: Waxing your face is also a form of exfoliation. So, if you are planning on waxing an area on your face, make sure you avoid exfoliating your skin a day or two before and after your wax to prevent and damage or discomfort from occurring.


8.    Same goes for oily or acne-prone skin: If you suffer from acne-prone or oily skin, washing your face too much will not make the oil and spots disappear, it will most likely do the opposite. Over exfoliating the skin can put your sebaceous glands into a frenzy, causing them to produce more oil than necessary, and ultimately cause more breakouts to occur. So, stick to exfoliating once or twice a week.

9. Don’t forget to cleanse your face first: Before exfoliating, it is important to remember to take off any makeup and give your skin a proper cleanse. If you don’t, the exfoliant will not be able to give you the deep clean you are looking for.


About twice a week, depending on your skin type, cleanse and exfoliate your face.  Don’t be too heavy handed! A little goes a long way — let the exfoliating particles do their job. You just want to facilitate the glide across the face, that way your skin feels great and you don’t over-treat it.


You’ll want to lock in moisture with a cream or your favorite anti-aging serum or oil before heading to bed or beginning your day. Please, do not forget the sunscreen! Your skin will be hyper-sensitive to the sun's rays. Your skin will look significantly smoother and brighter and more alive!


Shamarwyn’s exfoliant uses Aluminum Oxide Crystals, a mineral compound, that is the same as used in medical offices and spas. They can be useful in creating skin-sloughing formulations to safely eliminate dead cells located in the epidermis and enhance cell renewal at the superficial skin surface.



Rose Facial Exfoliant helps to gently eliminate dead surface cells from the top layer of the epidermis, bringing newer skin to the surface. It removes the old layer of skin by exfoliating, or acting as an abrasive, to remove imperfections and fine lines. Aluminum Oxide Crystals, used by professionals, feel like fine grains of sand and can safely help eliminate the build-up of dead cells that accumulate on the top layer of the skin. These fine crystals are added to a cream base containing natural Avocado, Jojoba, Hemp and Grape Seed Oils, plus 4% Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Rose Distillate and Organic Rose Powder are added to further enhance the botanical healing properties of Shamarwyn's Rose Facial Exfoliant for an in-home spa treatment!





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